Coast Boasting

Bringing to you a series of stunning visuals from India’s surreal coastline!

Beach Vegetation

Ever know the use of all those plants that you spot on a beach? Watch to find out!

Join us in protecting the beach & its flora!

Adyar Estuary

A beautiful ecological hotspot, where the Adyar River meets the Bay of Bengal!

Let’s not dump our waste into the river or beach and protect this habitat!

Sea Turtles

Chennai’s coast serves as a primary nesting site for the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles!

This is why we at E.F.I #CleanForOliveGreen

Broken Bridge

There’s much more to this unique ecosystem, than that meets the eye!

Join us to protect this Vibrant, Diverse and Threatened habitat

Coast of Vizag

Surrounded by rolling hills with serene beach stretches, Vizag is truly the Jewel Of The East Coast.

Coast of Pondicherry

Where the Indian Ocean crashes the rocky beaches with a French Connection.

Coast of Chennai

The Adyar River merging with the Bay of Bengal is a sight to behold.

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